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November 2017

June 2017:The Backbone Collective releases its first survey on the Family Court

May 2017: The Backbone Collective calls for a Royal Commission of Inquiry on Morning Report

May 17 2017: The Backbone Collective releases a press release in reply to Hon Amy Adams' response to the Family Court Report and makes it into the NZ Herald.

May 12 2017: The Minister of Justice and Courts responds to the Backbone's Family Court report

May 9 2017: The Backbone Collective will be making a submission on the Family and Whanau Violence Bill (deadline is 24 May 2017).  Our submission will be based on the findings from our Family Court survey and Family Court Watchdog Report.  We will put our submission on the website and Facebook when we have done it but as the timeframe is quite tight we might not get it finished until close to the deadline. If you do not want to make your own submission but would like to share your comments with us we can include them anonymously in our submission. Please download the document below for more detail.

April 2017

April 26 2017: The Backbone's Deb Mackenzie appears on The Project in response to the NZ Police's release of recent statistics showing that half of all homicides in New Zealand are the result of family violence.

April 20 2017: The Backbone Collective responds to Judge Ryan's comments with a press release and a slot on Morning Report.

click here to access the morning report item

April 19 2017: Judge Ryan responds to the Backbone Collective's open letter with a three-page statement.  

Click HERE to access the NZ Herald's coverage and judge ryan's comments

April 10 2017: The Backbone Collective sends an open letter to Hon Amy Adams, Minister of Justice and Courts, His Honour Judge Laurence Ryan, and Ms Kathryn Beck, President of the New Zealand Law Society, requesting their specific response to the 160 questions that our members want answered about the Family Court.

April 7 2017: Listen to Deborah McKenzie talk to Tessa Barnett on bFM's The Wire about the All Eyes on the Family Court report.

CLICK HERE to access.

April 7 2017: All Eyes on the Family Court report is released on Friday 7th April, with an accompanying press release.  On the same day the Backbone's second survey, also on the Family Court, goes live.  Please click HERE to take the survey.

March 2017



The Backbone Collective officially launches on March 5th, in the lead-up to International Women's Day.  See below for media coverage on the day and our press releases.

January 2017

On Sunday, 15th January 2017, The Backbone Collective sends an open letter to Hon Paula Bennett, Minister of Police, Hon Amy Adams, Minister of Justice and Courts, Hon Anne Tolley, Minister of Social Development; Dr Kim McGregor, Chief Victims Advisor to Government regarding the Que Langdon case.