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News and views from The Backbone Collective which advocates for women and children who have experienced violence or abuse and who are enduring further harm from New Zealand's Family Court. 


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He chose to violently assault me, yet I am the one who ultimately is paying the price. When will NZ take a stand and stop violence towards women?

TRUE STORY: A domestic violence survivor so moved by the current  collective grief and frustration about women being hurt and killed by men writes about her experience of abuse and her ongoing struggle to rebuild her life. She calls on New Zealanders to harness this collective grief, and stop normalising violence and abuse and start changing our attitudes and behaviour towards women.

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Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest Court of all?

TRUE STORY: A former lawyer reflects on her personal experience of New Zealand’s Family Court after she and her children left her abusive ex-husband. Read on to find out what she experienced and why she thinks the current planned review of the Family Court will not work.

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Open Letter To The Family Court Review Panel From A Domestic violence Survivor

A domestic violence survivor and Backbone member shares her open letter written to the Family Court Review Panel. While she explains how urgently changes are needed in the Family Court, she articulates her serious concern that the Review is not a safe way for women to share their experiences of the Family Court. Most particularly, the status of the Review means that all submissions are discoverable under the Official information Act (OIA) and this is likely to make survivors fearful of making submissions.

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The 'man' who brought nothing to the relationship other than fists and violence demanded that he be paid for abusing me.

TRUE STORY: A woman's outrage and despair at potentially having to financially reward her ex partner for his violence and abuse to her, her pets and her property throughout their relationship. Even though this man contributed nothing to their relationship except fear and violence he is seeking a huge cash payment from her via the Family Court.

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TRUE STORY: A mother's fight to keep her child safe cost her $40,000 and exposed an unbelievable Family Court response that she blames in part for NZ’s terrible domestic violence statistics. She shares her story here to  show that the current Family Court system does NOT protect women and children after they leave violence. She is calling for a public outcry against women and children being mistreated in this way.

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