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Read what it's really like for women and children after they leave abuse. Backbone's reports are based on the stories, views and experiences of hundreds of women and their children, given anonymously via Backbone surveys. Their voices are largely unpublished elsewhere as women and children are often forbidden by Court orders from talking publicly about their situations. 

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Report Four - Seen And Not Heard: Children In The Family Court - Force

  • The Backbone Collective New Zealand (map)

Dec 2017 - Backbone decided to conduct another survey on the Family Court – this time to find out how the Family Court responds to children when they and their mothers have experienced violence and abuse.

'Survey Three - Children & The Family Court' was released in October 2017, asking mothers how their children have been effected by the Family Court.

This resulting report was released in Dec 2017, revealing a rich and powerful set of data that is deeply troubling.